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July 29, 2008


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Whew! I've been thinking about you all day and so glad you're OK. Love the new fabric and the bags. Take care! (I'd do a crude joke about the earth moving, but I'm sure you've heard more than enough of those today - LOL!) Cheers.

Deb S in CA

Heard about the quake while working. I put the news on and it always make me crack up how dramatic the media gets and how they really hype up these Breaking News stories. Oh yes, I have been in my fair share of earthquakes and yes, some have been substantial. I did have to chuckle when they newscaster reported that there was no tsunami warning issued. I certainly wouldn't have thought so for a quake so far inland. Of course, that is just my opinion. I wasn't in the Bay area for the Loma Prieta quake in '89, which was centered right near my brother cottage, but I was in my car here at home and I actually felt it.

I did go to the Long Beach Quilt Show and I had a blast. As I mentioned on another blog, I did some retail therapy. But it was all good. Saw lots of folks I know and just had a grand time.

The bags are cute. And look at all of the goodies you received!


Mary Anne Drury

Glad to hear you were on another planet during that earthquake!!! Like they say, blissfully unaware!! (I experienced a few of them when we lived in Sierra Madre from 1984 thru 1990 .... can't say I miss them .... ) Anyway .... those are the CUTEST dang bags that you made !!!! You seriously are a whiz with a sewing machine!!!!


Driving and didn't feel a HUGE earthquake, huh? Well, now I know why Beth always drives whenever you go anywhere if that's any indication of your driving skills! LMAO! Hey, by the way, are you SURE I won this time? I'm just sayin . . . .


P.S.: But you know what REALLY bothers me, Sharon? You didn't believe I was turning 39 either! Pfffuiii!


I'm glad to hear that you didn'feel the earth move! It sure is scary when these things happen.
I'm so glad I don't have to deal with earthquakes any more! They do occur here in Sweden but it is so rare, people usually have no idea of what happened. They think it is a truck passing by, which is what I thought the first time the windows rattled in Riverside. But no, it was an earthquake! By the way, was it 8,5 or 5,8?
Your bags are darling, and that cute doll!!
I regret not joining the cupcake swap....oh well, that's life!

Vickie E

Oh SHaron those bags are TDF.....I love them just love them. I wish I had the time to sit and sew like that. SOme day I know....
I also had another OMG moment when I got home from SC. Jen sent an absolute awesome cupcake swap to me...I took pictures and now i can't find my camera cord to transfer. I think I left it in SC!! so If I don't find it today I have to buy another one..I have tons to show on my blog but no dang pictures! So thanks so much for hosting the cupcake swap ....it was soooo OMG!!!!


Glad you all are fine and that Miss Madeline didn't suffer any effects from the earthquake. What a wonderful bag...you are amazing with those zippers. You are on a roll!

Mary Flynn

I'm originally from CA...but moved overseas just months before the 1989 quake. We still had our home in the Bay area....boy, at that time everybody wanted out of the city and people wanted our house since it was far enough out yet close to commute. Should have sold it then! HA Anyway....glad you are well and didn't know it even happened. Too funny.


Glad to hear you are okay and even better that you didn't feel a thing...LOL
Great bag....can I call you the "Bag Lady" now??????


I've been wondering how you faired during the quake! Glad you and everyone else is okay. Those bags are adorable. I need to work on my zipper skills too!
We're still on grandbaby watch here also. Miss Polka Dot will probably beat me to grandmahood!

Dandelion Quilts

Whoo...earthquakes and much, much, much more. Wow.


That bag is adorable! And I love that pink fabric from FQS. I might have to get me some. We felt the earthquake- we're about 40 miles away. Man, it lasted forever! But it was "only" 5.4 - no biggie. lol


I'm cracking up. My daughter works in Carmel and her boss was in LA, she called Frankie up to see if she was ok from the earthquake. Uh, that would be one ginormous earthquake to feel it all the way in Carmel. Glad you're all safe and sound.


I saw that on the new last night, and thought of you. I'm glad you didn't have any damage to your home and that you are blissfully unaware, LOL.

I remember when we were stationed in Alaska realizing they had huge earthquakes when Thing 1 came home from Kindy telling us about the earthquake drill. Followed up by a "walk away from the school slowly because they are unpredictable and something could come off the building and poke you in the EYE!!!" So glad we don't have t worry about that now.

I'm loving the bags, goddess of the zippers I worship thee.


Good to hear that you are all ok after that quake! A big WHOO & HOOO for your bags, they are beautiful! Maybe that other winner doesn't know she posted to the right blog entry or can't count? xo

barbie Jo

I thought of you also Sharon as seems so many of us did. Glad to hear you were oblivious to it all!
I used to get those family/friend type calls too when we lived in Oklahoma during tornado season. After a few years of tornados they just gave up! Cute bags!


ANYTIME MISS SHARON!! I had to count entries anyway to make sure it wasn't ME who won!!!

Yep, I agree, the bags are too fab! I'm gearing up to make one soon!


I want to know what you were making copies of at Office Depot!!!! Locky for me I was at work and I felt it and lots of broken glass at home. I think I should be the 6,000 comment person (don't you).

Susan Ramey Cleveland

So glad to hear you're ok, Sharon. Someday maybe someone will write a books about you: The Girl Who Couldn't Feel Earthquakes.
The bags are lovely. Congrats on your 600th comment.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

So glad to hear you're ok, Sharon. Someday maybe someone will write a books about you: The Girl Who Couldn't Feel Earthquakes.
The bags are lovely. Congrats on your 600th comment.


Sharon, Glad to hear you are alright after the shaker!! We get those frequently here in North-Northern Cali. I still freeze when I feel them!! Your bags are just AWESOME!!!!(you and your zippers, exceptional!!!) It's no wonder you are selling fabrics... You gotta make room for all your buying!!! But you sure are using alot of it with all the projects you complete...YOU ROCK!! Kathie




A WOO and a HOOOO!!! You're one zipper makin' maniac! Still laughin' over Hunka's new found stardom. And FINE. Now I can't embroider a cuppy on a towel LOL. (That one's adorable!) Anything ELSE I should know???


Those "goofy bags" are so dang cute! I need to get to the zipper clinic myself. Thanks for the tip on the batting. No one in Wisconsin sells it apparently. Do you get it on-line?


Hi Sharon,
Glad to know that you were not traumatized by the earthquake VBS- Fortunately we don't get earthquakes- the occasional tornado and lots of snow in the winter... I am sure that earthquakes can be a scary experience and I shouldn't poke fun... I really am glad that you are not harmed and that your house was not damaged.
Your bags are so so cute - You do have the knack for making beautiful things- Did you make up the pattern?
Your new fabrics are lovely too-
Glad Madeleine is fine- Our dog hates thunderstorms- she is terrified poor thing - she starts to tremble and gets totally discaboobalated - there is not much we can do to help her- She is just a little dog (a schnoodle)and she goes and finds any place she can to hide...
What a nice stash for you to play in...
Happy quilting,


Love your little zipper bags and those purses are gorgeous! I just got that same ruby bundle, I love that whole line! So that explains why you didn't show for the Festival, we were wondering where you were :)

Carol Lewis

Hmmm, my comment mysteriously has disappeared. Not that I ever say anything that important anyway. Guess I'll just post another comment. First of all I'm glad you are okay after the earthquake, that's great and kinda funny that you were just in your own little world in your car unaware of the earth moving all around you. Secondly, your bags are the cutest, I want to make one too.

Great place for your fabric, I guess Kimberly at FQS doesn't just know my address by heart, but probably yours too. Don't you just love The Fat Quarter Shop? I love it too much and I have the credit card bill to prove it. BTW, I Love, Love Love your Blog!


Me .... I won, I won, I won, and along with this goes my happy dance :-)!!! yeah .. I am so excited. Today is my day I also got an award from blogged.com!! I am off to buy a lottery ticket. Thanks Ms. Red Geranium!!!!!


ps ---- I forgot. A big old WOO and HOO!!! Thanks again :-)!


I'm so glad you're okay and I just love those bags! Been spending time on my cupcake swap project today!



I thought about you and the other bloggy girls who live in So. Cal, but I had a feeling all was well, so I wasn't worried about you. I just knew you were okay, and I'm so pleased to read that I was right!
You definitely get a BIG ol' WOO AND A HOO from me, girlfriend! I'm proud of you for being the zipper queen now! Those purses are beeyutifull!!
The angel from Darlene is so sweet, and the cupcake love is totally cute!


Hey girl - I'm glad that your OK - what a hoot that you didn't even feel the quake - hey they showed on TV that even Judge Judy hit the area under her desk, LOL. Lovin your bag there sister - your a zipper fool now, LOL. CA-UTE doll from Darlene - and your little cupcake towel is adorable. Hey I didn't know we had the option of being late on the cupcake swap, I might have to sign up for that option.

hugs - Karen


Congrats on getting over the fear of zippers, the bags are fantastic!!. I'm glad everyone is okay after the shaking. Love your little packages of eye candy.


Glad you weren't bothered by the quake.
I just almost had a heart attack when I read about your gift for doing the cupcake swap. I thought I had lost a few more of my marbles because I was pretty sure I had checked the date. Some people just have to make the rest of us look bad. :cD

Kim Pebley

I loved all your pics .. you got some great stuff!!! I had lots of family in CA and they all told me how it was.. I am glad you came away with no damage. I really like your purses.. I might have to give the zipper a shot. I am hoping to finish my cupcake swap this weekend... almost done. Then to work on my bag swap with Linda!! :)


Well, I know you are ok, lol. Love all the "stuff" you got, did you have another birthday or is the one you had continuing on forever? lol Your purses are just gorgeous! I can see why you want to move; earthquakes can't be any fun at all!


Oh my gosh, your earthquake story is a riot! LOL! You kill me. I grew up in Calif and boy do I remember alot of them. Now I can't imagine someone not claiming their prize, was it me?? I'll claim it, well, guess it doesn't work that way, but I LOVE those purses! They are adorable and well, I just want one, Ok?

Carole Meier

Well, I didn't feel it either and didn't even know about it! lol Not that I think I should have felt it.... Glad that all is well. I just cannot get over on how much you accomplish. Lovely work that you do. Oh, and cute angel from Darlene. Keep well! Hugs!


The bag is absolutely adorable. Do you have any more for sale? The fabric is also fabulous. It is just so me. You are very talented. Please let me know if you have any left. Tracey

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