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June 24, 2008


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Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Sharon! WOW! You've been BUSY!! When have you been finding time to sleep! Your braid quilt is yummy and love the second last one with the shabby colours. I'd love to join your cupcake swap, but my "To Do" list is full and overflowing, so I'd better be good and will just have to look forward to enjoying the photos of the swap pressies! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)


Oh...my you sure have been VERY busy...could you send a little of your energy to me...I`m LOW!!!
Love your wonderful quilts...and gifts!!!
I dreamed of cupcakes all night...!!!! :0) And I didn´t mention I would love to send to other countries... Now I do!!!Just so you didn´t miss that... :0)
Good luck!


Love the quilts! You have been busy, that's for sure. your French braid is super, didn't you teach that in a class last fall? Or is my memory failing me once again. Hope your week is going well.


The braid quilt is wonderful! You are so productive!!! I wish I had your energy. Smart to start thinking of Christmas...it has a tendency to sneak up on you. Six months left...plenty of time, right...and then all of a sudden it's the end of November! Time flies.
I would love to join the cupcake swap but dare not. Too many unfinished projects. Next time!


what a busy petal you been... I love the red/cream star one! its fantabulous..

I just realised something.. this post contained no mention of birthday or alcomohol.. you detoxin' from the birthday petal???

*running and ducking for cover*
I'd love to join the cupcake swap too, but I am a slacker to work to deadlines and if I start anything else new before finishing anything in this millenium I am toast!


Oh my how do I get on your Christmas list????
I LOVE that red and yellow star quilt....just LOVE that! hint, hint... I promise to take good care of it...
actually all of them are wonderful...that braid quilt is awesome I have wanted to make one of those for a long time.
those bags are adorable,love those 30's!!!! zippers good for you; :)
and the antique quilt
thanks for sharing the pictures...


Love the Christmas Braid - is that Merry & Bright? I'm dying for some of that fabric. Just waiting to get a pattern so I know how much to get. What pattern did you use for it?


yipppppeeeeee, a snowman quilt..and does that mean another pajama party...yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Danner

I would love to join your cupcake swap if you still have room!

Thanks so much,



You have been so busy I cannot believe it! And even without the new specs!

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

The braid quilt has such a fresh & new look to it. I like it very much. Am I on your Christmas gift list?
I hope your new glasses are pink and have lots of rhinestones!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The braid quilt is beautiful. I love it. I want it. I also love your bags. But why did you have to go and remind me of Christmas? I bought a pattern to make PJs for Christmas, but haven't make the first pair. Oh well. Have a good day, Sharon.


Whose pattern is the zipper bag! Those really would make great gifties at Christmas... mmm zipper well I can learn LOL ... love those ...


Goodness, I'm a day late and a dollar short on the cupcake swap! It'll still be fun to see the swap goodies. Oh my I am so very zipper challenged! I think those bags are gonna make me learn how to do a better job with them though. Is that something you whipped up yourself, or did it start from a pattern? I need to make some of those for my niece who getting married next month. If it's a pattern can you share?

LOVE all the quilts!! keep sharing!


Love your quilts, the are so beautiful....wow, I love them all. the braid, christmas, the vintage one, I can't pick a fav they all are awesome. I joined your swap yesterday, I forgot to tell you, but I can do foreign also. That would be wonderful to get something from a foreign country. Have a great evening. Love, Debxx


I agree with the others! Your quilts are beautiful! I love the braid quilt. Good for you getting your Christmas gifts made early! :)


Oh, yeah...If you have extras, i would volunteer for your Christmas gift list too! ;O)


LOVE the zipper bags! What pattern is it? I have 5 nieces,a mother, a sister, Mother-in law,
sister-in-law and a daughter! The bags will make great Christmas gifts for all! Please share;-)

Erin from Hanniesannies.com

I love the braid quilt! is that fabric by sandy gervais? I love it! you are a very busy girl...


Wow...I'm so jealous you've finished so many things lately. The braid quilt is wonderful and I always love 2 color quilts. The zip bags are really cute.


OH My Gosh!!!!! I love that red and goldy yellow quilt. The bags are adorable. Please can I know what patterns they are?


Your zipper pouches are so cute! I have just gotten back into sewing after a L-O-N-G break, and I've been making zipper pouches too. I *used* to have a phobia of zippers, but I found some instructions on the net for the pouches, and went to Wally World and bought a big bag o' zippers and some cheap fabric. After making about eleventy-two million of them for practice, I would say I can sew a zipper into a pouch with the best of them. My goal is to learn how to do free-motion embroidery and quilting, and applique so I can make knitting bags and purses. I enjoy your blog---


love your little bags Sharon, and the braids are awesome, you are gonna be sooo ready for Christmas!!

Kim Pebley

Hi Sharon,
I missed the swap deadline, I know you will do another swap and I will get in on that one...
I always have loved the braid quilt and yours is so bright and cheery. I really like the little bags soooo cute. You always have cute bags. I wish you could share some of your energy!


I can't wait to try one of those bags! So cute!
Love the quilts! Thanks for sharing!


You are a busy little quilting bee, aren't you? Everything you've done is gorgeous, girlfriend! I'll try and be EXTRA good, so I can be on your Christmas list! Those bags are too cute! If I'm a tiny bit naughty, I'd like one of those bags with a lump of coal in it, please and thank you!
I wanna make a snowman quilt, too! Can I huh, can I please??


I saw the cutest cupcake book today. I knew I should have signed up for the exchange. It would have been perfect.

Carole Meier

Wow, you've been busy! Love your new specs! Oh, and what lovely quilts! I just cannot wait for my baby to arrive! ;o) I'm off to scrowl way way way down. Hey, you need to water your banner. There's this drooping pansie! You either have to water it or ought to cut! I'm just saying you know! ;o)


Oh, you are making me mad now, you are already with xmas gifts!!! NO FAIR!!! Such cute stuff, lucky giftees! xo, suzy


Note to self: If you take a week off from reading blogs, continue to check in on Sharon anyway, 'cause she keeps blogging and you'll get WAY behind LOL! LOVE the quilts -- especially that darling braid. Your bags look great -- a lot like the cousin bags -- SEE, you don't need a pattern!!!

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