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June 23, 2008


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Anne Heidi

yes yes yes, I'm in! Pretty please, may I join in the swap? Sounds like tons of fun, and who can resist anything as sweet as cupcakes?

Vickie E

sign me up!! I've been patiently (ok not so patiently waiting) for this! LOL


Hi, I would love to do a cupcake swap. Please count me in!


ok cupcake, you know I'm in....


I love cupcakes and like to swap so count me in..

Marica from Sweden


YUMMY - cupcakes! Sounds like fun - sign me up. :-)

Carol Lewis

I would like to join the cupcake swap.


Count me in, I am ready for a fun swap!


I'm in!!! Sounds like so much fun!!! Thank you for hosting.


Count me in! I have never done a swap before, but it always sounds like fun.


I would love to be in on this swap too!


Well come on! Did you really think I could resist a Cupcake Swap??? And since you only need one partner, can I be your partner ROFLOL!!! (Love that 30's quilt!)


Count me in...Toni


Count me in too! - Jen

Barbie Jo

Sounds like fun, I already know what I am sending so count me in too!

Nancy Bush

Even us no bloggers love a cupcake swap. Count me in.


Me too, me too! We all need some cupcake love in our lives, don't we? Woo and a Hoo!!!!


Sounds fantastic...
Count me in too...!!!But I´m way over my head...;D And this is August we are talking about...right...;D

And thanks for reminding about the eyeglasses... need to fix that too!!
Good luck with yours... :0)

jen duncan

Me! I loves me some cupcakes! :-)


Me too, me too sounds like loads of fun. Are you setting a value or quanity limit?

Brenda Mercado

I'd love to join in the fun!!! Please sign me up!


Oh good lord how can I resist a swap like that sister - sign me up - you knew I would do this you little vixen

Hugs - karen

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh Sharon, I wanna, I wanna! Am I too late to get in on this fun swap? I've been out of town, so you should let me in, you really should. So please do, OK? Pleeeeeeeeeese.


Please sign me up too! I've never done a swap before so I'll need some directions! Sounds fun!


I would love to join your swap. I have never been in a swap, so I will need some direction. I will email my address. Sounds like alot of fun...Love the 30s quilt.



I would love to join your cupcake swap. Sounds like so much fun.


I would love to participate! Overseas is no problem since I'm living in The Netherlands... you can email me at info(at)blijalsmij.nl


Ohhh fun!! I knew there was a reason I looked at my bloglines today :) Count me in!

Love all the sewing you've been doing...love that 30's quilt, it photographed just fine!!

May Kristin

Oh yes! Count me in, please! I just love swaps! Cupcake swap? Even better!


Cupcakes...you sure know how to push a girls buttons....cupcakes are amomg my most favourite things....count me in on the swap....are there guidelines..? (other than cupcake related stuff) .... ooooooo.... I am loving this swap already....oh hope I am not too late.....where's Kim?


.....meant to say also I love getting stuff finsihed - love the red and white one....and your specs...I am with you....all ok until you can't see your stitching....I need an upgrade on mine soon....have had the same frames for the last couple of checkups....thought I better given the amount I paid for them...I hate trying on glasses and these were just perfect....the sales girl said "you might want to try something else".....No these are just fine thanks...she came back with the same line which is when I checked the price of these babies....yikes.....but the prince said ....they look good...you like them...just get them....he is a prince isnt he!!...


Are you letting Aussies play? If so, I'd love to be counted in. :)


Hi Sharon, What a wonderful idea!!! I would love to add my name to your list of participants!! So looking forward to it!!...Heidi :)...and I would love someone out of the country!


I also wanted to say that I love the spectacles and all the projects you've been working on! You are stylin' girlfriend, and so is Miss Madeline!


I am going to have to miss this one, but thanks for thinking of us No Bloggers. I hope I can participate next time. Keep Cool!


Oh Sharon, I found you again!
I am so glad...my computer crashed and I lost everything..UGH!
I do have a new blog and wanted to let you know!
I am so glad that I found you again!
Wishing you a wonderful evening!


Oh Sharon, I found you again!
I am so glad...my computer crashed and I lost everything..UGH!
I do have a new blog and wanted to let you know!
I am so glad that I found you again!
Wishing you a wonderful evening!


A cupcake swap sounds like fun - count me in please.

Carol Lewis

Sharon, Where do you get those cute stitchery patterns? I love them but don't know where to find the pattern, I would like to stitch some up myself.


If I'm not too late, I want to join the swap!


Hi Sharon! I'm so far behind on reading all my fav blogs. Love your little red & white soon to be table quilt and that little stitchery will be so cute as a pillow. I'd love to participate in the Cupcake swap, sounds like fun!

Cheryl, MA

ooooh how fun!!!If I'm not too late, I'd love to join your Cupcake Swap. It just seems like a real girlie girl type of thing to do and with 2 GD loving girlie things and doing girlie things, I'm so much into these types of things these nowadays. I don't have a blog so I'll email you my info.


Ok here I'm for the CUP CAKE SWAP.
ciao ciao


Ooo! AM I too late? I would love to play. I'm in the UK so if someone is happy to post internationally count me in!


I tried to post earlier but typepad ate it. If you still have the list open and are posting internationally I would love to join.


I slept on it trying to come up with a brilliant idea. Nothing hit me, but I want to play anyway. I'll think of something.


Your new specs are super cute!

Anna mentioned this swap on her blog, and I have to play along! I'll email you my info. Thanks!


ewwwww I am squeezing in the door ... count me in!


I would like to join yor swap. Can you count me in? (please...)


If there is still room, I'd love to join in on this cutie patootie swap! Niki
nikimcn at hotmail dot com (you know how it should look, no spaces, etc)Also, is there a price limit min or max? Not sure if I missed that part.

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