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April 16, 2008


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I love that yellow quilt! Did you buy that pattern? I didn't get to finish looking through all your stuff last night, I kept getting sidetracked! I still can't believe how good that lobster bisque was!


yummy yellow quilt! the spool lady reminds me of Lily Tomlin.. One ringy dingy! remember her? Glad you had fun, happy you're back. more more more!!!


I would love to know what that woman was selling, and she does look like Lily Tomlin. Glad you had a good time, and I can just see you in flip flops in Chicago in April, good show! lol

Lynne in Hawaii

That Lily Tomlin look alike looks to have had a gimmick! I would just like to know for selling what? Anxiously waiting for more wonderful pics.


Holy Crap! what bewdiful qwilts! Hey I am loving that 30's sampler and of course, all the other 30's ones, I am not biased!
Gotta ask, what was that doodad the bloke was selling??? a roll of felt???

from OZ
I mean AUStralia!


Beautiful, beautiful quilts! Especially the yellow, that's my favorite so far(no, maybe it was the sampler one, or maybe the little one with the pink and brown). Oh, but I can't wait to see the rest of your photos! Glad you had a great time!


OMG I laughed as hard when I saw her picture again as I did when we first saw her...where the heck did she think she was going. Too funny! And that chamois guy...he thought he was at the carnival. What a fun time!



I am glad you had fun...you pics are great and I was wondering if you would get to see snow...we got belted with it on friday....I like those little quilts...cant wait to see more pics...Toni

PS Thanks I got the fabric...and love it..

Kim Pebley

I am surprised the polka dot quilt is still there..you didn't smuggle it out did you???? She does look like Lily Tomlin.. my mom was friends with her in high school.. they stayed in touch some thru the years.. she is as funny in person and has such a great heart!


I love that sampler quilt! So pretty. As usual, you did a great job sharing with us at home! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!


Love the quilt above the yellow one, although the yellow one is scrummy too. Up at 3.30!!!!! lol... you wanna try sitting on a plane for 24 hours with stop overs that seem to never end, not fun...


Welcome Home!! Since I've been stuck at O'Hare many times now, I call it my "home away from Home" - it is HUGE, isn't it? Your photos are great, as usual. That woman with the spools of thread on her head is kinda creepy, if you ask me! I'm loving the Lori Smith quilts, too! I'm excited to see the next installment.....


Oh my where do I start! Yellow quilt..MUST make that one. Love it and all the others. The Sampler is wonderful!
Those shammies are great but a knock off I think of the WOW one that I see on tv commercials. they are amazing though, but a quilt show? Fabric dryer? nope. Yes maybe thread lady was his Mom LOL!

Pictures are fabulous, thanks for them and many more to come! Looks like loads of fun!

May Kristin

I can see why you want to make that sampler! It's beautiful! Spools in your hair? New fashion? Haven't seen that fashion in Europe yet! That lady must be a funny and confident person!
Thank you for sharing photos1 Waiting for more!
Ps. I wonder how tiny your omelet was??

Connie W

Love the yellow quilt, wow!


Oh man don't you hate that when you can't sleep because you know you have to get up early...that is the worst!! At least you got some drool I mean sleep time on the plane, lol!

I love that sampler and that little quilt oh and of course the yellow and red one too!! Hurry up and show us more :)


What's up with your view??? We got gyped -- our view was some dumb freeway on-ramp. If I'd known you could see downtown CHI we would have hung out in your room! And whaddya mean that pink stuff I got isn't felt??? KIDDING!!! I'm sensing a trend with those quilt pictures -- you're a chain lover -- me too!!!


Glad to have you back!!! Love that irish chain yellow quilt!!! I can hardly wait to hear more!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

All the quilts are so pretty.> Thanks for sharing, Sharon. That lady with the spools of thread in her hair is a hoot.


Welcome home Sharon. Sounds like you had a great time & thanks for all the wonderful pics. I LOVE that last one, the yellow quilt. It's gorgeous! I'm off to read more, I'm so behind on my fav blog reading!

happy zombie

I love Lori Smith too. Love, love, love her! She'd be my first booth too. Race ya!

Carole Meier

Sounds like a great time. MQX was much more profesional. I mean a loony crazy guy did run through but I missed it! Besides, I forgot my camera. lol Maybe you just attract these crazy people! LOL Just teasing ya! Thanks for sharing!


I linked to your blog from Quilting with Ragdolls and then went for a walk, leaving your blog on the computer screen. Later, my husband came from our computer/sewing room laughing! He really got a charge out of your blog! He thought it was so funny! On the other hand, we are both from Chicago, but live in Texas, which I'm thinking might be where you live since the first leg of your trip was to Houston. One of these years I really want to go to that quilt show, because I could visit my sister at the same time. Maybe next year...

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