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March 04, 2008


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Beth in AL

LOL...I see you basking in the glow of Moda! You crazy girl - you and your blog always bring a smile to my face. Sure hope you solve the mystery of why you've been feeling bad. I take very low doses of hormones and it makes a world of difference.

Hugs, Beth

Laura T

I love the Mary Englebreit fabric from Moda. I haven't seen it yet and it's very fun. Please enter me into your drawing. Your blog is very fun to read!


Why do I have to tell you what you were doing over at Kris's shop? DON'T YOU REMEMBER? Well, they do say menopause makes you forgetful! Okay, so you were drooling. And rubbing your body up against the boxes. And stroking fabric. Simply shameful! LMAO! Oh, but besides that, the guy you were hugging on your blog--you said his "head and neck are new too." I hope you weren't hugging him so hard that his new head and neck popped off. His eyes were getting just a tad big so that made me worry a little. No wonder he needed tattoos--probably to hide the stitches where they attached his new head and neck. And what did he do with his old head and neck? See, inquiring minds need to know these things.


What were you doing? You my dear were acting in a way that is truly and totally expected, and befitting of fabric as wonderful as the Mary fabric that you have been stalking, er, waiting patiently for. I understand your oogling and fondlement, it was very ladylike.


Mary Anne Drury

Well, Kiddo.... I was a little worried about you for a couple of days but I see lolling around on the new Mary fabrics over at Kim's has brought a smile back to your face ..... YEAH!!! I'm glad you're feeling better ...... and have you tried chocolate? (I'm guessing you have ...... I think I'm building up a resistance to it .... needing more and more of it to achieve the desired effects .... RATS !!... well, if it's any consolation, there seems to be quite a few of us in the same crappy boat!)


Hello Sharon,
It looks to me like you were laying across the Moda boxes, petting the new fabric, and hugging a new kit. I hope you get to feeling better. I went through the weepy stage. About drove my hubby nuts. I am not sure what is worse, the crying, night sweats, hot flashes,not being able to sleep, or feeling like my insides were trembling. Menopause, is not for pansies. LOL Take care.

jen duncan

SWEET lil quilts there miss Sharon! My advice; look into the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. It's healthy and it worked for me.


I think you were drooling all over Mary! I told Kris that you should get a commission because everytime I see your loot I have to go get some too! Hope you"re feeling better!

quiltmom ( Anna)

Life can be quite and adventure isn't it? The Mary fabrics are quite charming- you added to them by laying on Kris's boxes :)
I think your minis are wonderful and loved the photos of land where there is no snow- we had a little bit of that fluffy white this morning.
I hope that you are soon feeling in the pink again.
Laughter is good for the spirit and you seem to be surrounded by people who fill your life with laughter- it makes your blog lots of fun to visit. Keep finding the people that brighten your day and keep you laughing...
Regards from a Western canadian quilter,


I got my ME fabrics today too!!! Spending time with your sweet boys is gonna be great!! O.k. I'm heading over to see what mischief you're up to over at Kris's blog lol!


Cute little quilts--beautiful sunset what a perfect night for dinner at the beach! And you were laying on the boxes of fabric LOL!!


OMG I see you were over there lounging around on all those boxes, that fabric is too die for and I love the mini quilts in the blue and brown, great colors!!!!!


Sharon--Just in case you get comments wondering why that mean, hateful Kim said you reminded her of a cow, send them over to my blog--everything is explained! ROFLOL!

Cindy F.

Sharon-Love the Fabric. I know that Menopause can cause strange things but!!! I think Hugh Heffner has his hands full already.


Hi Sharon--Love your blog. I was in Country Loft one day after you had shown pics of their shop (the first set of pics, I think). They said they were getting calls from all over the nation--how wonderful! I think you were doing the "Vanna White" thing with the ME goodies. You look so happy! Those minis are so cute. I'm very visual, so all the pictures you share are just delightful. Pauline


Well, Sharon, you had a quite a time there w/ that Mary fabric! I know the feeling, you see those boxes, lunge for the box cutter, look around to see who's watching...rip them open then just bask in their wonderfulness.

Glad to see someone else does what I do.


Looked to me like you were "helping" open the boxes that had ME in them; hope you had a paper towel to wipe off the drool, lol. I thought your tattooed friend looked kinda kool! Glad you got out of the dumps; please stay out of them and hang on, Thursday is right around the corner!

Vickie E

I hope, hope, hope your doctor is helping you with this menopausal thing. I am not looking forward to that part of life.
I am sure Hunka has gone through crazy life things/mid-life crisis hasn't he? why hasn't he? let's give him some medication to 'help' him understand LOL...no it sounds like he's trying to be a good husband for you and that IS so important. There are few good ones out there as I am sure you know. I Absolutely LOVE your aqua and brown mini quilts. I just love them...I want to copy them...can I copy? Did you use a certain pattern? or just kinda throw them together? And don't even get me started on the M.E. fabs...you know I already made a small quilt and the pincushions from it...and I have tons and tons of strips left!!! yippee...and yippee for you getting your hot little hands on it....I can't wait to see what you come up with for a pattern with it!!! Have a great week girl.


Glad you are back and don't feel too badly about the tears. I exploded! Yep, mild mannered me was not a nice person. Bio-identical hormones helped and I am much nicer to be around. Now, what were you doing at Kris'? Well, if you were a cat, I'd saying purring and licking your chops! But it looks to me like you are petting every inch of that ME fabric. Love the new minis. Cheers.


Once again you are just too funny!
I am so happy for you that the boys are coming home for a bit.
Bet Hunka is happy about that too, knowing this will make you so happy.
now the tears will be tears of JOY right!
Can't wait to see what you make with the ME fabrics....
guess I had better stock up on some too!
Ok so what did the family dr do for you?
have to admit to having days like this too ...can't stand this getting old stuff!



You look very exited about those fabrics. It almost looks like you are trying to crawl into the boxes with them! Have fun sewing with them...that is if you can bring yourself to cut pieces of them! Can't wait to see what you will make!


You look very exited about those fabrics. It almost looks like you are trying to crawl into the boxes with them! Have fun sewing with them...that is if you can bring yourself to cut pieces of them! Can't wait to see what you will make!


I know why you want us to tell you what you were doing........rolling around in fabric heaven and you forgot what you were doing while you were dreaming away.............and you had to buy so much as you drooled all aver it........
seriously it is fun to see someone get so excited about and appreciate simple things in life like some fabric........I am sure some of my friends think I al a little strange when I get very excited about things......


Well, apparently you were basking in the Mary-ness of it all. I bet she was relieved that "your" fabric finally arrived!! Loved the box lounging too, ROFLOL!! Seriously, you should send those photos to Mary E she would probably appreciate someone so wild for her fabrics.


So glad to have you back! Nice photo shoot of you & the new Spring line over at Kris' blog...that's what you were doing right? Getting your entry ready for "America's Next Top Model"?! You didn't get any drool on the fabric did you, 'cause I might want to order some....
Smiles, DianeM

Mary Flynn

Your buying up all that Mary fabric!! OK....at least loving on it before the rest of us gets some! Hopefully this little fabric purchase will lift your spirits a bit! Hang in there....life is good!

sharon in florida

I believe you are starting a modeling career and you are "vogueing" in the pictures. You would be a great spokes model for cheering up other people through your funny and creative blog. Thanks for all the laughs!

Stacy A

I absolutely love your picture diaries. I feel I am hanging out with you all day long. It looked to me like you were sitting on all those boxes so no one else could get to them. There was probably a line out the door for those and you weren't letting anyone else get to them, lol.
I am not in the menopause stages but my horrible woman time makes me a big, sobby, chocolate faced achy disaster for a good 10 days a month. I really believe us women are going to get a big pass in heaven for what we have to deal with. This is my first but not my last comment. Hang in there!

Karrin Hurd

You looked very happy lying across the boxes of fabric.

Jana Kigin

Well, I think you were behaving as any woman would. Who took the photos? Kris? A tripod?

Now for the hormone part. I went to my doc for my out of control hormones earlier this month (I am not quite menopausal yet, I'm 30), and she said to increase calcium by 1,000 miligrams a day and increase my exercise. Hope that helps.


Oh my gosh I love those little quilts and the one from the fabric we used is so darn happy. I think you were settling in to sleep with the fabric at Kris' so no one else could get to it. What a beautiful sunset and a great place for dinner. I don't think Hunka would dump you in the ocean...he would miss his Sharon.


I'd have to say you were playing "the Price is Right" and channeling Vanna White! Can you show washer/dryer sets as well? Hope you feel better soon!


I have the funniest song for you. It is a woman singing about menopause. I have it as an MP3 so if you send me an email I will send it to you.

Anne Heidi

Oh my, love the shot of you on top of the boxes, and you are so right about the kit- that bag is just adorable... Wish I could get my hands on some of those fabrics here. Oh, and the beach shots made me really wish for summer- At the moment it's snowing horizontally here- NO FUN (but great sewing weather LOL)
Have a wonderful time with Mary!


You are sitting on boxes and holding that cute bag. Please enter me in your contest. I just love reading your blog. May have to take your next class at Cozy just to meet you.


Aww you poor baby, I do hope you're feeling a little brighter today, nothing worse than those hormones playing silly with you. Now are you sure spending time with your boys won't bring on more tears? Miss Madeline looks gorgeous with her new do, such the sweetest face ever. You poor girl all that hormone excitment and you've gone and forgotten what you did with Miss Kris. Silly girl you were rolling all over the boxes and of course we can't forget the modeling of the ME kit bag, just too cute.

Marty Mitchell

Loved you sitting on the Moda boxes and digging thru the material. I used to work at a quilt store in TX and miss those boxes arriving. Hope I win!


Love the ME modeling you were doing on Kris' blog! You are too much. I wanna have that much fun at a quilt store, but the ones I frequent are so far away...I think they would think I flipped my lid if I did that! Love your blue/brown fabric combos. Those are nice blocks. Have a great time with your boys.


Love seeing you lounging around with Mary! Pretty funny. Sorry to hear that the meanie paws is getting to you. As usual love all your projects and the photos are wonderful.


I'm sorry the meanie paws have you. This too shall pass, isn't that what they say? Love your little bitty quilts, I love using all the scraps for small things too. Nice stuff from Kim, boy she's a brave lady for sure! Glad you'll be getting to see your boys, I know you miss them. Take it easy. Hugs!


Hi Sharon,

Looks to me like you were auditioning for Vanna's job. She better watch her back! I know how you feel with the mood swings. The only thing that has helped me is hormones. I tried going off them, but when Hubby suggested I might want to go back on them, I knew I must be impossible to live with. LOL


wow...something eerie just happened. When I had to type in those weird letters/numbers for the post to go thru, guess what the letters were? HRT. (hormone replacement therapy) Did you do that? LOL


In the pictures it looked to me like you were posing for the cover of a new quilt magazine. You looked wonderful on the boxes of the Moda fabric. You really were the bow on the package. In another photo I saw you auditioning as a model for the Price is Right as you held up a little ME kit. You seem like such a fun loving person. Hang in there and this to will pass. Keep up the great job that you do on your blog. You bring smiles to so many. Enjoy your time with your boys. I am sure that will help too.


Nothing like a manicure, pedicure and dinner out to make a girl feel human again. And of course the fabric helps too....


Sharon, hope you get thru this meanie phase soon, hate hearing you cry! And about what you're doing over at Kris's? I think you are making a fabric porn flick. You're lovin you some Mary!


Love the photos:-). I'd like to be on a beach somewhere right now, enjoying a tall glass of something tropical..
Have a wonderful day!!


Looks to me like you were in Heaven.... Moda my love.... wonderfully showing us all the wonderful things/material/fabric's and all that Moda is offering us.... to temp and induce us to spend, spend, spend..... just like you!
Looks like fun!


Yay! The boys are coming, the boys are coming!!! I LOVE the blue and brown stuff you are working on. And SO sorry to hear you've been under the weather, er hormones. Nasty little things anyway. You need to come and see my Dr. -- he'll fix you right up LOL. I think you jumped on those boxes and screamed "MINE, all MINE and nobody gets into these boxes before ME! Step away from MY boxes!!!" Afterwhich major fabric fondling ensued!!!! XOXO


You were enjoying yourself, obviously. I'm not sure, but I'm beginning to get the idea that you like fabric. Just a hunch.


Your little brown and blue quilts are adorable. I love little quilts. Must have been like Christmas opening all those boxes of Moda fabric at Kris'- Lucky girl. I love how they package it in so many lovely ways. Jelly Rolls make me go weak at the knees! As usual Madeline is beautiful.

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