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February 28, 2008


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Ohh I love my bracelet, you'll love yours too! It makes such a nice sound. Funny about the dogs. Mine try to get in the front seat as well, and howl all the way to the vet. Thank goodness Bret takes them most of the time. Nice quilts too. Lots of eye candy today dearie!


LOL- My dog would sit on my lap and take the wheel if I let him. he always has to be as close as possible. He needs a seatbelt to stop him jumping through!


OMG, I know exactly what you mean about the menopause thing. I started my "changing" about five years ago and sometimes I feel like I'm totally going bonkers in every way possible. I totally sympathize. Be kind to yourself. You're not alone!


Madeline is a hoot...I can just see her going nuts...as long as she didn't crack her head on the door again. LOL! Oh my quilt looks so cute...I LOVE it! Nancy's table runner is cute as can be...oh my those chairs and that bracelet...you did wonderful shopping...as always LOL!
Feel better!


Well, tell Miss Madeline that she has a co-hort in Utah! We rescued Jami from the Golden Retriever Rescue in '99. She does exactly that same things as far as the leash, car travel... trying to get into the front seat! (I finally just cover the seat with a King Size sheet and let her relax.... Do you have them cut off the extra hair (we call them her frills and curls) off her legs? Anyway, she is a joy to have around! Keeps me company and is quite protective!
Nancy's no-blog's table runner is great! I really like the back material! And Carol's picnic quilt is great too... Love those scrappy quilts!
You did a great job quilting them!


My dog does the same thing - and whimpers the whole time too! If you get another doctor telling you its not menopause, tell him to give you the blood test for it. Love the quilts.


Okay, I wanna know how you manage to take photos while wrestling with a dog and driving?! EGADS! A miracle that you guys got to the groomers in one piece! You might need a double (drink).
Love the picnic quilt and her choice of fabrics! Is it a pattern?


Menopause stinks. I have been dealing with it for 3 years. I started when I was 48. Your dog is soooo cute. I just love dogs. I had a little dog for 11 years and had to put him to sleep last year. That was harder to deal with than my husband leaving!!!! Could your small Annies fit on those cute chairs?


What a great blog. I was in a funk and you totally just cheered me up. Our female dog does the same thing when going in the car only she has short hair so I get to be the groomer which is a site in itself. The quilting looks fantastic, and the chairs are so cute.


Poor Sharon! Did the Starbucks help? And too bad you and Madeline have to go through the same thing again today! Hang in! Maybe you need an little quilt shop excursion to reward yourself?! ROFLOL!


I'll trade a moving dog for 2 yowling cats!! They scream and call all the way to the vets! She does look all spiffy now tho! Love Nancy's no blogs runner and the back is too cute! Sorry about the menopause...maybe next time lift your foot and kick him right in the gonads and then tell him he's really not feeling anything...can't be. LOL!


That doctor didn't know what he was talking about - unfortunately, you can't be too "young" for menopause. When it hits, it hits. I'm sorry you've been feeling so poorly. I see it hasn't hurt your work on Daisy though. The quilts and your quilting are just beautiful!
As for Miss Madeline, she looks adorable all clean and sparkly! Sometimes dogs don't realize we humans really do know what's best for them!
OMG, those chairs and that bracelet are so cute!


Loved this post as usual. Madeline is so pretty after getting all spiffed up. I have been meaning to thank you for posting the heart pattern. I made a doll quilt for our 2 year old granddaughter from that pattern. It turned out so cute that I am now making a baby quilt from the same pattern for our new GD due in June. Love the pictures of the quilts, little chairs, and bracelet. Hope you get some relief from the menopause. It is not pleasant.


Steer clear of that doctor. My urges "to bite your head off" have gone into hibernation recently, but I know they could show up anytime.

Madeline is so cute all fluffy and clean, I bet she smell much better.

Elizabeth Holcombe

That doggie story is hilarious! I hope you weren't driving when you snapped those great pics! Our Australian Cattle Dog, Sheila, just loves to GO! She doesn't care where or when. She's always ready!~~~XXOO, Beth


Oh your sweet doggie looks just like our Max. We lost him a few years ago. He lived a good life though :-). Now we have 3 shih-tzu's that are quite the handful *giggles*.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Were you DRIVING while you took those photos??? Were you? I know you were!! And you talk about MY driving???LOLOLOL!!

Both of the quilts look great! Good job all three of you!! And I think I need to look for those little chairs...too cute!


I'm feeling a bit menopausal today myself, I have felt like ripping a few faces off here at work! Look at that Ms. Maddy, she looks 10 years younger with her new do! LOL How do you take pictures while you're driving??? Pretty quilts too, I got my Picnic Quilt kit out for a few minutes the other day, but put it right back.


You are just delightful. Menopause is the present you get for getting up in age. Thank you Lord. Love the picnic quilt. Cute dog. I want a bracelet, too.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Madeline looks so pretty with her new 'do, bless her heart. The quilts look great.


OMG Sharon, I was laughing so hard reading about your trip with Madeline to the groomers. She looks so pretty though, she might have acted mad at you, but you know she felt better! LOL Just love Nancy's tablerunner & Carol's picnic quilt, both very pretty. Those little chairs are so adorable & so is that bracelet. You are bad, very bad, you tempt me to go spend more money! LOL Have a great weekend.


Awww... she looks beautiful! My dogs just know when it is time for the groomers. They HOWL all the way there, crying hysterically. It makes for quite a ride. I need earplugs!

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