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December 10, 2007


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Mary Anne Drury

JEEZE !!!!! What a couple of days you've had !!! Spiderman sounds an awful lot like my hubby, Mr."it's not a problem" --- his usual comment as he's insisting on fixing something that should be fixed by somebody who knows what the heck they're doing -- instead, to save $, he decides he'll fix it and tells me "it's not a problem" as it always becomes one!!

Anyhow, glad he didn't get hurt too badly -- at least according to the MD !! and glad to hear you're feeling better, too.

.... and, gotta give those caramels a try -- they look YUMMY!


Man! That's one lucky hubby you;ve got there!
And I NEED me some of them caramels!!


I am so glad hunka hunka is still in one piece.....he is so lucky! Thanks for the yummmmmy recipe.


All this time I've been worried about you, it should have been hubby I was worried about! LOL Glad he is ok & that you are feeling better. Would you please pass me some of those caramels?! LOL

Vickie E

You certainly have been busy these last days. I was getting a bit worried since you hadn't posted. I was checking here one more time before I emailed you. I am very glad your husband is ok. A spranged ankle is minimal. I have a friend who's husband fell off a 15 ft. ladder. He broke is pelvis in 3 places,his shoulder and had bruises on one whole side of his body. A guy that was nearby said he literally bounced off the ground. Not good. So your husband faired well I believe. I certainly hope he doesn't do that again!!!!!!
I am glad your painful stuff is better. I am still under the weather...with a cough now but my voice is back. Alot is going on here...I will have to email more about it later in the week.


Dennis is darn lucky that he didn't get hurt any worse...hope that's the end of his Spiderman days. And OMG it's way to stressful on you...LOL!
Oh those carmels look beyond yummy!

Carole Meier

Wow, so much excitment in your life! I'm sure some of it you can do without! Glad that it's nothing too bad, it could have been worse! Caramel looks good! I may just try that recipe. The pumpkin on you posted turned out great! Friends are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


I am so glad you are feeling better and your husband didn't get hurt too bad! Mine always has to take it a step too far also! Do you think it could be a man thing!LOL!
By the way the caramels look wonderful!


I am so glad you are feeling better and your husband didn't get hurt too bad! Mine always has to take it a step too far also! Do you think it could be a man thing!LOL!
By the way the caramels look wonderful!


I am so glad you are feeling better and your husband didn't get hurt too bad! Mine always has to take it a step too far also! Do you think it could be a man thing!LOL!
By the way the caramels look wonderful!

Cindy D

I am so glad to hear that Dennis only has a few minor contusions. Doesn't he realize we are not as flexible now.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Now don't tell Hubby, but that was a funny story. Hope his contusions are all better soon, and I'm glad to hear you're feeling better with the UTI, which (don't tell Hubby) is far, far worse pain than contusions (IMO).


Gosh, lots of excitement going on in your house! Glad DH is ok and that he is proud of his contusions! LOL All that baking you're doing almost makes me want to do some . . . almost! I like those little trees, I have seen them around on other people's blogs.


Oh my goodness gracious - that kind of excitement is not good! Poor Hunka! Poor you! He is one lucky man - first of all, he has you, and secondly, he's dang lucky he didn't break anything! I wonder if he scared the termites as badly as he scared you? Let's hope so!
The goodies from Nancy are so sweet - love the trees! They look perfect with your little house. All the cookies and caramels look divine!! I just want to sit in your kitchen and sniff the wonderful aromas and EAT! Oh, I'll help bake, too! I'm pretty good at the idiot end of a spoon!


So what about the termites? Were they also eating the leg off the ladder? Is that why hubby lost his balance? I'm glad to know he's okay, more or less. My son came by last night and his foot and ankle are purple and swollen too--his is from a soccer injury though. Yes, I bet your hubby would like your candy stripper outfit--is that where you make caramels while dancing on a pole?! LMAO!


Wow glad that hubby is OK. He is one lucky guy that he wasn't a pile of broken bones. I laughed out loud when you said "does this mean your not going to work", LOL. Don't you want to play Nurse Nancy in your candy stripe outfit.

OMG thanks for sharing the caramel recipe. I think I will just apply it right to my hips in equal portions. Glad your feeling better.

Hugs - Karen


Whew...what an exciting few days. I'm glad hubby is going to be okay. Did he learn anything from the experience.

Oooohhh the caramels look delicious. Thanks for the recipe.


I wondered where ya been.........well, at least ya got the flu shot out of the way....usually the hubbys fall putting up the lights, not pounding on the ceiling, lolololol....oh and Im SO gonna make those caramels!!!!!!

Jennifer Paganellli

Unreal..I would have fainted if my husband took a spill like that...he's a lucky guy...oh lordy they are all the same superman rolled into one....so glad you stopped by earlier so I can catch up on you....all my very best, Jennifer


Mmmmm look at the cookies and the carmels! Yup those are the ones my sil makes. Hint on cutting them - I"m not sure how she gets them out of the pan (maybe she pours them on parchment paper in the pan first) but then she uses a pizza cutter.


Oh my goodness....nothing calm in your life...lol Glad Hunka will be ok....kinda scary. I'm glad you're feeling better. :)


Poor RANDY!! I'm sure Nurse Geranium will take good care of him.

Goodies!!!! I can't wait to get all those goodies! YUMMY!!!! No peanut butter, ok! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


I am making these tomorrow! Yum! If I can find my thermometer that is...I so don't want to go to the store!!

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