November 29, 2007


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Vickie E

Wow where do I begin...there's so much to comment on. First, where the H**L have I been? working darn it! and I didnt get to read your blog last night :(
Hey I am here now right? So I am glad that you are teaching at this new shop. I need to check out the Japanese fabs before they are gone. I love your christmas decorations. I am very slim on christmas stuff...in 2004 we had a flood in the middle of June while we were in Vegas...12 inches of water in the basement for 4 days equaled $30,000. loss and quite a bit was Christmas/ Holiday stuff..plus furniture...books..you name it. Anyhow I am off on a tangent there...back to you. You did some great pictures. I get so inspired to quilt after I read your blog. Ok now I forgot all the other things I wanted to say...gotta go back and re-read to figure that out...brb...haha

Vickie E

I really like Nancy No blog's quilt...with your raggedy ann doll. Oh and lovely gift from Holly...just lovely. O-k I am done commenting...well on this post...


Fun photos, and your stuff looks good!! Happy Holly Day!


What a great post and the pictures are so wonderful!


Oh man that fridge ornament is just too cute! And what a fun, fun package!


Love the fridge ornament and the white tree! Gotta get me one!!
Ha Ha, Nancy No Blog - I know who you are now!
What a great gift from Holly! Lakehouse fabrics are FAB!!

Bye for now BFF!!


That looks like a lot of decorations! They look wonderful! What a great package of goodies! Lucky you!!! (Hugs)


You lucky ducky! congrats on the winnings, Holly is so generous! The house looks lovely!


Great decorations, Red Geranium Princess! And what a happy mail surprise!


wow...........you sure do decorate over there..........are you sure oyu can fit it all in your house.....lol........looks wonderful......


OMG Sharon your decorations are just spectacular...I think you should be in a magazine. I love that quilt with the big snoman head...is that a pattern that's still available somewhere. Your little Annie's are so cute. I need to order some more. They just make me happy.
Are you going to show us the samples for Kris? What a wonderful package from Holly!
What a crazy comment this is...just goes on and on and in no particular order...LOL!

kathie holland

Your quilts and holiday decorations look beautiful. so inspirational.
I LOVE that house, can you tell me the name of that shop, I sure hope they do mail order!
I need one of those!!!!!


Your happiness just pours out of my computer screen, girlfriend! WooHoo!!!! Good for you!!
The treasures from H2 are simply gorgeous - you must make something from them QUICKLY!! I'm glad you won!
I certainly hope we get to see the class samples you are whipping up - I may even fly down and take a class from you!!
Your Christmas decorations are very pretty and your home looks so warm and inviting. Think I'll come stay for awhile.........heavy sigh!


Your Christmas decorations are wayyyyyyyy cute! Every nook and cranny filled. Love the white tree. I picked up a pink one for the sewing room...I might even plug it in today :-)! Sweet package from Holly! See you soon.


Gorgeous! Everything looks so inviting I love it. Is that fridge a current ornament? I think I need to go hunt one down...so cute!


Your little batch of fabrics that came in the mail are sweet enough to eat! I think I need those too.
Great decorations at your house. I have been working on getting mine up too.


Hi Sharon. Thanks for sharing all the great pics, love looking at all your goodies. That little Hallmark ornie is too cute. St. Charles, MO, what a great place to shop! Those fabrics are yummy! That flake sign, well, I resemble that remark! LOL I share the little raggedy annie love (couldn't help but notice those in your pics)! Have a great week-end.


oh goody more Christmas decoration pics!! I still don't have one thing up and still not sure I'm going to lol. And heck now I "have" to go to the mall tomorrow, I'll try to brave the masses and the rain cuz I've got to have one of those darling little fridges!! That is to cute!

And that snowman quilt, I NEED one of those :) If I ever get my decs out they are mostly santa/snowman themed. So see, I really really need a snowman quilt huh?

Have a great weekend!


Is that ALL the decorations you've got?! Way too skimpy. You need MORE!!! Tell Randy to go buy you some more. You need all the reindeers on the roof. Santa's a tad bit lonely all by himself. LOL! Just kidding, Sharon! Fantabulous decorations!

Mary Anne Drury

Your house looks SO pretty with all the Xmas decorations up!!! ...and how fun that you're getting samples made for classes that you're going to teach !!!!!

P.S. ---that fridge is the cutest thing!! (but where's the 6-pack?)


so many pretty things! loving the red and white tree and that some of my best friends are flakes sign is the best!

Carole Meier

WOW! You really go to town with the decorating! Looks lovely! My house is really skimpy when it comes to decorating for the holiday! I really don't have the decorating gene! I did buy my wreath! Beautiful things! Thanks for sharing!

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