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October 24, 2007


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Su Bee

Anna - Nicole -- yer FUNNY!
Ar Ar Ar!!


Yep, that Anna-Nicole pairing just tickles my funny bone!


Time to swap chocolate! WooHoo!!!!

This will make you laugh - my doctor just too me off chocolate. Oh well. :-)


Hey guys...be nice to me and Anna!!!!!
Oh..and no buyin your chocolate at the 99 cent store either!!! Not that I would...I would NEVER buy any food from there...but some guy found worms in his choc...it was disgusting! Did I just blow it for ya'll now...can't you just wait for your chocolate? And what's wrong with Walmart? I don't have much choice here!!!! I have Walmart, Target and See's Candy! That's it!


Nicole, you better be shopping at Sees sisterfriend!!!! LOL!!! Or steppin outside of your town. ROFLOL!!!


Shhhhh don't tell doc that your about to receive the gift of all gifts in the mail and its.......CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Carole Meier

Well, I guess Price Chopper or Hannaford's is okay! ROFL I really don't know what you mean by "being creative with the container" I can't be making a bag and dumping all of the chocolates in there! What a mess! You know, I live in small town USA, not much around here! Never mind nice quilt stores! Okay, I'm finished whining! I guess I'll just have to go to Montreal for my chocolate! Yvone, If I eat them on my way back because I'm stuck in traffic, it's not my fault okay but Sharon's! lol Thanks for doing this swap!


What! I can't send the Whitmans Sampler that I got last Valentines day?


Holy Crap! Is this my lucky day or what??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE See's candy. It's my favorite and I'M NOT KIDDING!!! LOL. I was so excited to see the swap posted that I totally missed the Anna Nicole thing -- Chocolate was blinding me!!! ;-) Anyway, so happy to be 1/2 of the entertainment for today! Thanks Sharon -- You're The Best!!!!


Lordy you girls are a handful I swear. I think all of you must have had wayyyy too much chocolate last night before posting. LOL!!! And Carole, just get busy making something and stop complaining so much. LOL!!! Or your gonna hava ME as a partner. ROFLOL!!!


Oh YIPPEE! It's chocolate swappin' time...my mouth is already watering just thinking about it.


Oh yeah, P.S. Who are YOU swappin' with??? We can't have you going without now!


I hope you got me email..and I would be happy to swap with you...Toni

Chef Bren

See's candy is the best candy.
I live about 2,000 miles from a See's candy but everytime I go to Cali I stop in and get a whole box. It's delicious!!!

I wish I could have gotten in this swap. Your going to have such fun. I am so jealous!!

:) Bren


Bren I have another swap idea so stay tuned.


I'm excited!

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