October 29, 2007


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Sharon, I am laughing so hard at you & hubby! I took my Mom for her colonoscopy three weeks ago, all every one in that part of the hospital talked about was getting something to eat when they got out! LOL And yes, the doctors seem to get younger & younger, hmm, wonder why that is!? LOL Happy it was good news on the test!


So.... was the dr. single. You are so detailed...and you leave out the good part! LOLOLOL! J/K :)

Mary Anne Drury

YAY !!! glad to hear hubby is A-OK and has happily scarffed down his favorite meal!

...AND thanks for the "how to" on those pretzels -- Kid #2 is having some of his fellow 9th graders over this weekend for a belated birthday bash -- I think these pretzels will be quite a hit with the ice cream cake.

....AND -- VERY cute little purse you whipped up !


Tell your hubby that the lawyers who represent those young doctors when they commit malpractice are equally young! Oh, and tell your hubby that you convinced that young doctor not to chart the 50 polyps he removed from your hubby had until AFTER you get the new life insurance policy. Yeah, he'll like that one! See, that's the way I handle things around here! LMAO!


Oh Sharon, that is so funny about hunka! The drugs they give are pretty wonderful. You could have told him just about anything and he wouldn't have remembered what you said! LOL
Thank you so much for the tutorial - who knew it was so easy! The combo of salt and sweet is the best. Love your apron, even from that angle! Your toes are pretty, too! Do I have to paint my toenails to make the pretzels? lol!
That purse is the cutest thing! You are such a talented woman, woman!


Hunka hunka is such a sport!! You had me crackin up at the photo in the hospital! You don't go anywhere without your camera!
Hope to see you and Doe at Festival!

Cindy D

Licking the bowl. You crack me up.


My kids take the tiny pretzel sticks and dip them in melted choc chips for mini pretzels like this - I think they are nuts! I like how you do it! I might have to make some!


Who in the heck are Mr and Mrs Yeager??? I'm pretty sure they called Mr and Mrs Red Geranium! Those pretzel sticks look great -- Yum, Yum!!! The purse is adorable and those toes! Wow!!!


Glad to hear that hunka's test came out so well....he is such a good sport. You are too funny!!!!!
Thanks so very much for the pretzel tutorial...can't imagine what I would have done without it. :) My favorite part was your cleanup tip....lol


Glad to hear that HUNKA HUNKA is fine. I nearly wet my pants when I saw the picture of the poor man in his drug induced state...you are a true blogger. Thanks for the pretzel documentary...my neighbors will all be getting those for Christmas. Love that little purse. You are truly amazing!

Kim Pebley

Glad to hear your hubby is Ok. Thank you for sharing the pretzel info.. and the purse is soooo cute. What pattern is the purse?


Glad to hear everything went well with the rota-rooter, err colonoscopy. You're just enjoying this, aren't yah!!!! Again, poor, poor Dennis...


Hunka Hunka is so happy you all enjoyed his medical situation. LOL!!! He's such a trouper!! Doncha just love him to death?


Doe, Dennis aka Randy said thanks for having his back!! He said he can always count on you!

carole Meier

Wow, I think I'm caught up! Thanks for the tutorial on pretzels! Good idea to butter up the students before you give a class! You'll get better reviews! LOL I think it's now past my bed time! Keep well!


My husband would postively murder me if I took his picture when he was wearing a hospital gown. You are lucky you survived to post the picture! Thanks for the pretzel demo.


what a crack up am still laughing, and i am a nurse, love the pretzels will give it a whirl.. but as we are in the middle of an australian summer the chocolate won't stay firm for too long...keeps melting never mind happy days you sure made me smile margie

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