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August 23, 2007


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Oh that fabric is adorable! And I love it in the braid quilt!


Girlfriend, you have my head spinning...a skirt, a braid quilt top, something with that cute, cute fabric...I'll never catch up. You're going to have to take a VERY LONG trip to the midwest! You are amazing and I'm glad you're feeling better today.


The braid quilt is just lovely! Hope you are feeling better--sounds like it has been a rough week!


Sharon, you are my hero!! You are Wonder Woman of the sewing machine! Wowee, do you get a lot done in a day! As you can tell, I am very impressed. The quilt is gorgeous, the skirt is too cute, and the surprise - well, I hope it's for ME!!! LMAO!!!
That card is too funny!
Your husband is a prince - mine wouldn't let me visit all those quilt shops, that's for sure! The only reason he goes with me to a quilt shop, is when (as he says) he wants time to pass very, very slowly. Nice, huh? LOL!!


Love the braid quilt - love it lots and lots. It's for ME?????

OK, I'll take the secret project. The skirt is quite cute, too.

You'll love all those quilt shops in the Midwest - a friend and I visited 21 shops in the Midwest three years ago. We had a blast.


Love that card you got! LOL! Glad to hear you're feeling better too! Sorry you'll be leaving us for a bit, though! Are you taking a laptop so you can show us all the places you go?


P.S. Don't give any of that stuff to Darlene! She was very a very selfish girl and wouldn't give me the quilt tops she made on her weekend away. Can you believe it?! LOL!


Excuse me!!! I wanted her to give them to ME!!!! Call me selfish I dont care. Of course there are two so one for me and one for you.


WOW that braid quilt looks amazing!! So much work but so worth the effort. I just LOVE quilts! The skirt is really cute and can't wait to see your secret project and owl. Have a great trip - sounds fabulous visiting all those stores - yippee


You are a busy little bee. Good luck with the magellin! Hope you have a wonderful trip! xo


Sharon, Your quilt is really cute:)
I have the border fabric ready for you in the cupboard. Can't wait to see the quilt. Darla will have your basket here on Monday HINT HINT! Love to see you:)


Well, what the heck??? You're coming to Indiana! Did you pick out any fun shops here? I'm sad to tell you, they won't be nearly as exciting as the ones you're used to! Fons and Porter was way cool when I was there about 10 years ago (LOL) -- hope you have a great time visiting them!

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