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June 22, 2007


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HEYYYYYYYYYY...how come I didnt get those coupons????? Its probably better cuz I would have eaten BOTH cinnabons!!!!!! Hummmm, a cinnabon and a DIET coke, my kind of diet!!!!


Your husband lets you get away with frozen pre-made hamburgers AND taking photos of his rear end while he does weird stuff with the dog? And then lets you post those photos on your blog for everyone in the world to see? Tell him I said I think he's a saint! (Well, let me qualify that--it depends on what he's actually doing to that dog, but if she really does like it, then that's okay.)

Carole Meier

Kim, ROFL! You took the words right out of my mouth! You guys are a riot! Wine with pre-made frozen hamburgers? Girl, I can understand you not wanting to make home made crust, but hamburgers? Just roll the meat in a ball and flatten them. Voila! It's that simple! lol Oh and Deb, she probably raided everyone's mail box for those coupons! lol Thanks for the laugh! Love your humour!

Su Bee

Hmmmmm....how 'bout the cinnabon and a glass of wine? Margarita? ROFL - sounds like SOMEONE is going to have a great weekend!


Carole, the girl's obviously in dire need of a food intervention! Kind of makes you wonder if that great Mexican restaurant she went to lunch at was Taco Bell, doesn't it?! Well, at least she has good taste in cinnamon rolls. Although I often make my own--and yes, Sharon, I use a real yeast dough that I make!


Are you guys picking on me now? When did we shift from Kim to ME???

By the way, my hubby loves the frozen burgers. I will tell you though that he eats hamburger raw. I tell him he's gonna fall to the floor and start mooing someday like a mad cow. Kim,there's that cow again.

FYI wine is good with almost anything. Except maybe breakfast. And some people may have it for breakfast for all we know.

Taco Bell happens to be one of my favorites too. :-)


Ah, so that's what your husband was doing with the dog--practicing his mad cow act! LOL!

Jane Weston

Oh send us some of your summer...We had about 6 weeks of nice weather in April...and since May is has done nothing but rain!


Looks like a fun evening and I'm with you...wine is good with anything...let me qualify...I haven't tried it with breakfast :)
2 coupons in the same day...what a lucky girl you are!

Carole Meier

Good morning Sharon. I had to come back for another laugh. So your dh likes Steack Tartare! It's a French thing! Although with all the mad cow thing going on I don't know if it's still as popular in France and fine restaurants. As for wine for breakfast, try champagne and orange juice! My favourite! It's actually my cure for a bad cold. The vitamin C for the cold and the alcohol to knock me out! Works every time! LOL Have a great weekend!


Carol, thanks the back up. Wine is good with anything. and Carole, I'm glad I can entertain YOU!!!! ROFLOL!!!!! You girls are too darn funny. And Kim...........I got nothing for ya. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jane, send your rain our way.We sure could use some.


I agree with Kim, Sharon, your hubby IS a saint! My husband does the very same thing to our dogs, but I think he'd kick my fanny if I took a pic of him doing it! It must be a man thing, do ya think?
I don't envy your temp's - that's too hot for me. I'll give you some of our rain.
As for the pre-made hamburgers - you're a smart girl! Ready, set, bar-b-que!


That picture of your hubby just cracks me up - what a good sport he is - hopefully this is only posting once!

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