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May 28, 2007


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I'm drooling over that stash on the floor and the bag hanging above the door knob. Cute!!! Oh I spy a CK knitting bag.


Oh I could definately come play in your fabric rooms!

May Britt

I'm so happy to see others having the same promblem having enough space to store the fabrics :)


WOWZER - no really WOWZER! I'm coming to play at your house! I see many, many fun toys to play with!

BTW, I have the same Vera Bradley bag and use it for my handapplique work - I love it!


Fun sewing room!!! Did you get that (abc) sign from Debbie Taylor (sweetlandofliberty)...it looks like her work, I have one too:)


OMG, you have waaaay too much fabric! It looks like you LIVE in a quilt shop! Tell you what. I'm gonna help you out here. If you'll just go ahead and package up all those Moda FQ bundles and send them to me, in return, I'll tell you all the silly cow stories you want to hear. In fact, I'll send you a COW. A Paisano cow because not only do they produce ricotta, but they also produce mozarella. Fresh mozarella would go very nicely with your home grown tomatoes. Plant some basil too--nothing better than mozarella, tomatoes, and basil. Hey, after all, you can't EAT Moda FQs, can you? Really--your husband will love you and you'll have a much tidier sewing room. Is it a deal? Just as soon as I get the Moda bundles, I'm putting that cow in the mail to you, okay?


Oh, thanks so much for sharing picture of your sewing room - or should I say fabric room? I LOVE seeing into the "havens of creation" of other quilters! Gee, that stack of fabric on the floor looks familiar! I tell people my stack is there because I've not washed it yet - which is true - but I have no idea where it's going to fit when it is washed!

jJJennifer Paganelli

Sharon...it's been way toooo long...I think it goes something like the one who dies with the most fabric wins....I have some work to do...I love your quilts your bags your love of life...you rock...Jennifer

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