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May 28, 2007


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Look at all that good stuff! Hey, I didn't see that wire basket full of MODA bundles the last time I was there? Were you hiding it from me? And that floor to ceiling fabric shelf...do you need a ladder to get to the top shelves? lol! Poor Bryan! He probably wasn't even gone for a week and look what happened to his room? lol! I bet it's the living room couch for him when he comes to visit.


Oh my goodness I missed these pictures when I was here earlier! I really need to come play with you! OK, I promise not to touch the MODA fat quarter bundles - can I at least look at them? I won't promise that I won't drool. LOL


Your room looks great. It looks like you have as many quilt books as I do & even more fabric than I do.


Oh - baskets of GOLD in your room! Moda bundles are my most favorite things in the world! Unless of course Moda were to send me bolts of all of their fabrics - then the bolts would be my favorites!


Oh boy - obviously you love MODA just as much as I do!

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